I have been writing since I learned the alphabet. This is not a boast but a simple fact.

Writing has nourished and sustained me throughout a lifetime.

Divorced, raising two lovely daughters on my own, I was already 34 when I returned to college, initially for a degree in Journalism. The single mother's need to "be there" for children returning from school in the afternoon made me major in Psychology, instead—another avid interest.

Thirty years of private practice followed, during which time I continued to write—on the side, stealing, treasuring the moments. I was "married" to my practice, but continued my feverish romance on the side with my Muse.

A small booklet, Moving Toward Essence, Ponder a Thought a Day and Evolve—a collection of inspirational insights designed to provide hope, encouragement and guidance—grew out of my self-searching journey. People tell me they open the booklet to a message seemingly intended just for them. Magic.

A few years ago I began to contribute a bi-monthly column, The Little Things, to Shore Publishing Community Newspapers. My apprenticeship as a published writer.

Being finally in print was a heady experience—a homecoming!

Encouraging responses from readers prompted me to write my memoir, Gathering Roses, Thorns and All. I needed to assess, reassess—and to share the journey.

Recently I completed a reincarnational/time travel romance, Rendez-Vous, the story of three people throughout five lifetimes, meeting over and over again, working the "kinks" out of their joint karma, breaking a karmic spell.

Currently I'm working on a contemporary romance, Moving In—a ghost story!

Loving every minute of it...